Caribbean Sessions

Many Islands One Vision

Caribbean Sessions Mas is a family-owned business, powered by the love of Caribbean culture. Established in 2013, we represent many islands, with a desire to spread our heritage and historic traditions of carnival and the arts worldwide, fusing them with a modern twist with every creation. 

Carnival is about freedom and inclusivity, which is the catalyst that drives our vision in all that we create and share. The addition of Caribbean Sessions Kids Mas enabled an avenue of education in mas for the youth – the future! As an ever-evolving company, we    are often perceived as innovators of our craft: providing the best in costumes, customer service and road experience for a plethora of ages. 

In the years to come, Caribbean Sessions look forward to being able to connect with schools, to facilitate workshops about carnival, its history and the arts, and provide opportunities for talented young designers to develop their craft in a safe and empowering environment. Our vision is clear: to help maintain the purity and provide bridges to keep the historical fires of carnival alive. 

A small team, consisting of: Colin Julien (Director), Rhianna Julien (Band Leader and Customer Experience Liaison), Lisa Powell (General Manager) and Sylvester Duberry (Road Manager), 

Impeccable Design

Forefront of Notting Hill Carnival Masqueraders

Our costumes are of the highest quality and often combine fabrics, feathers & assorted materials to allow people to set aside their everyday individuality and experience a heightened sense of social unity during the Notting Hill Carnival.